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Package Stable Version Title Maintainer GitHub Last Updated
ActFrag0.1.1Activity Fragmentation Metrics Extracted from Minute Level Activity DataJunrui Di junruidi/ActFrag 2020-02-27
ActivityIndex0.3.7Activity Index Calculation using Raw 'Accelerometry' DataJiawei Bai javybai/ActivityIndex 2020-03-03
adept1.0.1Adaptive Empirical Pattern TransformationMarta Karas martakarass/adept 2019-10-07
baker0.9.3Bayesian Analysis Kit for Etiology ResearchZhenke Wu zhenkewu/baker 2019-10-07
MIMSunit0.8.2Algorithm to Compute Monitor Independent Movement Summary Unit (MIMS-Unit)Qu Tang mHealthGroup/MIMSunit 2020-03-05
nhanesA0.6.5.2NHANES Data RetrievalChristopher J. Endres cjendres1/nhanes 2020-02-29
nsrr0.1.5Interface to National Sleep Research ResourceJohn Muschelli muschellij2/nsrr 2020-03-03
read.cwa0.1.0Convert 'Axivity' 'CWA' FilesJohn Muschelli muschellij2/read.cwa 2020-10-23
registr1.0.0Curve Registration for Exponential Family Functional DataJulia Wrobel julia-wrobel/registr 2020-03-03
rewind0.6.2Reconstructing Etiology with Binary DecompositionZhenke Wu zhenkewu/rewind 2019-10-07
rnhanesdata1.0NHANES Accelerometry Data PipelineAndrew Leroux andrew-leroux/rnhanesdata 2019-10-07
slamR0.2.1Structured Latent Attribute Models in RZhenke Wu zhenkewu/slamR 2020-03-06
spotgear1.0.1.1Subset Profiling and Organizing Tools for Gel Electrophoresis Autoradiography in RZhenke Wu zhenkewu/spotgear 2019-10-07